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Why choose Angelic Baby 3D Ultrasound? Because we do it all and bring it to you! We perform 2d, 3d, 4d, and, 5d (HD Live) ultrasounds in the comfort of a person’s home or our office.

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3D Ultrasound Here on the Treasure Coast

2D, 3D, 4D and Now 5D Specialty Ultrasounds

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Angelic Baby 3D Ultrasound is a specialty ultrasound company that specializes in non-diagnostic prenatal 2D, 3D, 4D and offering 5D (HD Live) ultrasounds that allow you to see your baby at any time.  A lot of insurance companies only cover one ultrasound throughout the whole pregnancy and mommies are left to wonder how their little guy or girl is doing inside the womb.  With Angelic Baby 3D Ultrasound, you not only get to see your baby in 2d, 3d, 4d, and 5d (HD Live) but you get the chance to find out the gender of the baby. Being pregnant is a beautiful and often stressful time. Not being able to see your precious angel can make it tough and stressful on families. We are here to give you peace of mind and priceless bonding time with your little angel. You get to see your baby from head to toe and hear their special heartbeat.

Come to Our Office, or We Come to You!

At Angelic Baby 3D Ultrasound, we offer incredibly affordable packages for both mobile and office clients using only state of art equipment. Our registered ultrasound Technicians strive you offer you only exceptional ultrasound services and quality imaging. We partner with you through your pregnancy journey to offer you priceless experiences with your baby that will last a lifetime. These sessions are all about you and your little angel.

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Our Packages Include:


Seeing your baby in 2d, 3d, 4d and now offering 5d (HD live) ultrasounds

Hearing your babies heartbeat
Printed image(s) from your session
A choice between office or mobile ultrasound
Gender Reveals as early as 14 weeks (If baby is cooperating)
Dedicated and Caring Ultrasound Technician
Invaluable bonding time with your baby

CD or Flashdrive (all images), DVD(video), Heatbeat Page(of your babies heartbeat inside the stuffed animal of your choice)

We use only state of the art equipment for all of our ultrasounds, whether we come to you or you come to our office.

More Than Ever Before

As Angelic Baby 3D Ultrasound grows and expands, we are offering more packages and more specials than ever before.  Our staff is dedicated to providing affordable and worry-free ultrasounds that give you the opportunity to see and bond with your beautiful baby.  Take a moment to review our website and get to know our packages.  It is our mission to provide our mommies with the best ultrasound experience.  This scan is all about the bonding between mommy and her baby.  A 3D ultrasound, or even a 4d or 5d (HD Live) ultrasound, is as easy to get as calling today to schedule your ultrasound.  We can come to you, or you are welcome to come to our office.  Angelic Baby 3D Ultrasound is in the process of expanding what we offer at our office of so be on the lookout for added specials and packages. 

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See Them As they Grow! 

Below is an example of what your ultra-sound will look like at different stages:


16 – 18 Weeks24 – 26 Weeks28 – 32 Weeks

Image Description

Full bodyHalf bodyJust facial

Image Example

3D Ultrasound of baby at 16-18 Weeks3D Ultrasound of baby at 24-26 Weeks3D Ultrasound of baby at 28-32 Weeks


You can get the full body shots and a great upgrade from just plain 2DImages usually are from the mid-section and up so you get some body with the faceThe baby is larger with facial features and fat layers showing fuller development


The baby is smaller and images may not be as vivid because of early stage of developmentThis is a great happy medium, it isn’t too early nor is the baby in too fully developed stagesThe baby is bigger now, so all you are going to see is just the face or sections of the body

More Information About Our Ultrasounds


What is an ultrasound? Click here to learn more

Comparison between 2d, 3d, 4d, and 5d(HD Live) ultrasounds

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2D, 3D & 4D (Ultrasound Comparison)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between 2D/3D/4D & 5D (HD Live) ultrasounds? “5D is 3D4D in high definition (HD)

Two dimensional or 2D ultrasounds are the standard ultrasound that is used to view the baby and reveal the gender. Three dimensional or 3D ultrasounds is a more detailed image, a picture that is used to see the baby’s physical characteristics like face, body, hands, or feet. The 4D is just the 3D in motion like a video.

Is there any preparation for my ultrasound appointment?

To help obtain the best images possible, make sure to drink plenty of water for at least a week prior to your appointment. Drinking plenty of water throughout your pregnancy can impact the quality of your images. Hydration can increase the amniotic fluid and improve the clarity of your ultrasound. 

When is the best time to have my 3D, 4D & 5D (HD Live) ultrasound?

The earlier the scan, before 24 weeks, the more of the baby you are able to see but with less facial detail. The later the scan, after 28 weeks, the baby will start to develop a fat layer that fills out the baby’s features which will allow you to see more of the facial detail, but less of the body. The following factors can affect the image quality: baby’s position, size, and movement, maternal tissue, and amount of amniotic fluid. Our recommendation for a 3d/4d ultrasound is between 26-32 weeks. If you are pregnant with twins we recommend before 28 weeks.

Is ultrasound safe?

Ultrasound is a safe procedure that has been used for decades. It has been used to monitor pregnancies without any evidence of harmful effects to mother or baby. We ask that you consult with your physician prior to scheduling so that he/she may address any concerns that you may have and is also aware that you plan to get an elective ultrasound.

Where are we located?

We are located in Port St. Lucie, Fl. off of Prima Vista. We also offer Mobile Ultrasound done at your home.

Can I bring guests or children to my appointment?

 “ Your family and friends are welcome to join for the experience! We are a kid-friendly facility. We have a kid’s table in the room with activities and also offer drinks and snacks. Please contact us at 772-940-8298 for any updated restrictions.”

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Meet Our Tech

Erica Krueger, Owner


ARDMS registered ultrasound tech


10 years of experience in the ultrasound field

3D / 4D Ultrasounds


Erica is amazing! She went above and beyond for the perfect picture of my soon to be niece during the ultrasound. Very professional and she makes you feel comfortable.

Rachel Hotwagner, Jupiter, FL

Had a wonderful experience during the ultrasound. Erica made the moment much more special and is super professional. She took the extra time to make sure I got the pictures I was looking for.

Rhonda Hotwagner, Sebastian, FL

Excellent job, my sister had an ultrasound done by them and it turned out awesome, you can tell exactly what the baby looks like, very professional, she got to see the baby on a big screen tv

Renee Hotwagner, Melbourne, FL

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