Hey everyone, L J here again, messenger from Angelic Baby,

As my baby was growing more and more each week I was feeling larger and larger. Many apps for the smartphones tell you based on what week you are, what size your baby is. It helps when u can picture how big your baby is based on the size of a fruit. From the size of a blueberry, to an avocado, to a cantaloupe and then a watermelon, or so it feels. Halfway into my pregnancy some of the appointments were just simple ones to listen to a heartbeat, but I wanted to see pictures. I wanted to know what my child was going to look like! Whose nose will the baby have? What will the lips and eyes and ears look like?  It’s hard to tell what a baby looks like on that blackish grey screen that’s only 12 inches wide. Even then, it’s difficult to see what body parts are what. I had often heard of getting a 3D ultrasound done to really see what the baby will look like. I have friends who have personally done it as well. It’s an amazing experience and the results from the pictures are truly capturing. You can see the structures of the face and sometimes the baby will give a wave or a thumb suck. It’s a precious moment to share with your husband also if they can go along. These types of 3D ultrasounds aren’t done in your regular OB clinic and of course isn’t covered by your normal routine insurance. Sometimes separate payment is required which can tend to be expensive and many times the offices of these places aren’t in the same town, especially a town like Vero Beach. The nearest office to get that type of ultrasound is 45 minutes to an hour away. How awesome would it be if Vero Beach had an office to go to and get a 3D ultrasound done? Even better, how about a mobile 3D Ultrasound technician!? You mean I don’t even have to leave the house?! That’s right. Erica Krueger, founder of Angelic Baby is a mobile 3D Ultrasound technician who will come to you moms! Not just to Vero Beach, but all of the Treasure Coast!  How relaxing that will be, in the comfort of your own home, in your own recliner!  Set me up for an appointment!!

Until next time.

—-L J

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