I remember playing that game whenever I was little. It was also a polite way of asking things just without the mother part. May I have this, may I have that? I’m teaching my daughter how to ask things politely, like Please and Thank you. Its cute to hear her version of it. I’m at the point where when she asks for things I say, “What do you say?” and she says please and before I let go of what i’m giving her I ask now what do you say, and she responds with a thank you. Shes picking up a lot of words and copying me when I tell her “you’re so silly” or ” you’re so funny.” Getting smarter and smarter day after day. Its very eye opening to see the things she’s learned so quickly at the things she sees me do or say. I have to make sure that what I am showing her and saying is setting a good example for her. I remember when I was younger the different tactics or routines my parents did. You kinda favor one parent over the other in certain things. Ones more strict ones a softy, we could get away with a few things. At times my parents were the same and opposite.

Going to the store with my dad meant we might get candy at the checkout aisle if we were good in the store. Shopping with mom was different. She didn’t buy us junk food, like in cereals, no she bought crispix, or rice krispies (not treats). On the other hand if I wanted to do something or go somewhere but my room wasn’t quite cleaned I’d ask mom rather than dad. Dad was strict with disciplining, my mother was the soft one. Sometimes I wonder which of myself or my husband our daughter would favor towards. There’s a difference in how we do the same routine for bed. When my parents put me to bed they’d say their prayers differently and remember to this day the way they prayed, and that’s something I want to pass on to my kids as well so that they will remember what my prayers were with them. Such deep thoughts haha.


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