Yay!! That song pops in my head every time the last day of school is. Summer is at times my favorite season. Aside from the unbearable heat, at times I enjoy it because my birthday is in summer, theme parks are a go to as well as water parks, and beach and swimming! Summer is always fun for family vacations. When my baby girl was 3 months old I was nervous to take her out in the hot sun because of how fresh and sensitive a baby’s skin is. She loves it now though. No fear. Which causes me to have fear. When I was a child my concept of time was out of sorts and incomprehensible. To me summer felt a whole year. Ha! And school felt like FOREVER!! When I learned summer was only a 3 month duration I was mad haha. Summer is a fun time to spend with big family parties and family get togethers and I’m excited for the 4th of July holiday!

Happy 4th of July!!

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