That’s my disciplinary tactic that’s working as of right now. I went from having to only say that to my child one time during the day. A few weeks later I have had to say it a record of 3 times. Ok so that’s not too bad but it’s happening more often. She is approaching 2 and fast! It’s amazing how much a child will pick up from another after only one play date visit. Oh boy can she scream and loud! Luckily timeout corners can be created anywhere you are. My once all the time sweet girl has quickly begun the stage of what people refer to as the “terrible 2’s.” I personally don’t care for that phrase because she’s not terrible, she’s still a sweetheart and my baby. She’s testy! That’s how I will refer to it, as the “testy 2’s.” She is testing my limits and hers. The time out method has been seeming to work. I think what’s important is to not just put our kids in time out and say “ok you can come out now of your corner and play again”, but to discuss why they were in there in the first place so they know what happens when they’re disobedient.

Well let’s hope it lasts for a while! Until next time!

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